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Attached to Project: Arch Linux 32
Opened by Admin - 14.11.2019
Last edited by Admin - 14.11.2019

FS#52 - Some packages are built by "Unknown Packager"

Attached to Project: Archlinux32
Opened by Luke Shumaker - 21.09.2018
 FS#52  - Some packages are built by “Unknown Packager”

Some packages have

packager = Unknown Packager

, which is caused by


not being set.

I analyzed every .pkg.tar.xz file in the Arch 32 repos (all architectures). The earliest Unknown Packager package was built on June 9, 2017, and they’ve been intermittent since then. Here’s a listing of how many times each packager appears:

    2  Dave Reisner 
    2  Fabio Castelli (Muflone) 
    2  Giancarlo Razzolini 
    2  Jelle van der Waa 
    2  Laurent Carlier 
    2  S?bastien Luttringer 
    2  schuay 
    3  Florian Pritz 
    3  Johannes L?thberg 
    4  Alexander R?dseth 
    4  Andreas Radke 
    4  Eli Schwartz 
    4  Tobias Powalowski 
    5  Gaetan Bisson 
    5  Jonathan Steel 
    6  Bart?omiej Piotrowski 
    6  Erich Eckner 
    7  Kyle Keen 
    8  Evangelos Foutras 
    8  Maxime Gauduin 
    9  Jaroslav Lichtblau 
    9  Lukas Fleischer 
   18  BlackEagle 
   21  Sergej Pupykin 
   22  Guillaume ALAUX 
   29  Sven-Hendrik Haase 
   32  Levente Polyak 
   35  Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) 
   39  Felix Yan 
   43  Jan de Groot 
   44  Andreas Baumann 
   75  Ball? Gy?rgy 
   81  Antonio Rojas 
 6592  Unknown Packager
20577  Erich Eckner 
27707  total

This causes a problem for us in Parabola, because we just started applying the usual upload checks from


to packages that we import.

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bill auger commented on 24.09.2018 05:20

i was trying to make sense of this today and my results were pretty strange

i wrote a script to extract ‘Unknown Packager’ from the db caches in /var/lib/pacman/sync/ and i got very different counts then what luke reported - i ran the same script on both parabola i686 and again on arch32 - it did show that all of the packages by ‘Unknown Packager’ are in [extra], [community], and [core]

$ wc -l ./unknown-packagers-parabola
1800 ./unknown-packagers-parabola

$ wc -l ./unknown-packagers-arch32
2250 ./unknown-packagers-arch32

one thing i noted was that one of the packages (4ti2) that arch32 has by ‘Unknown Packager’ for v1.6.7 shows as v1.6.9 packaged by ‘Erich Eckner’ on parabola and the parabola package has a higher version number and later build date - maybe my mirrorlist is wonky on arch32 but it is the default one that was installed

package: 4ti2-1.6.7-1
build date: 1497644502
packager: Unknown Packager

package: 4ti2-1.6.9-1.0
build date: 1536224793
packager: Erich Eckner

the script i used is attached to the corresponding parabola bug report
https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/1652 https://labs.parabola.nu/attachments/444/find-unknown-packagers Admin
Erich Eckner commented on 24.09.2018 08:47

The buildmaster now rejects package built by “Unknown Packager” - what remains is to rebuild all packages, that are already committed.
Erich Eckner commented on 24.09.2018 08:54

btw: operating on the package database is much faster than extracting every single package:

find . -name ‘*.db.tar.gz’ | \

while read -r repo; do
  tar -Oxzf "${repo}" --wildcards '*/desc' | \
    sed -n '/^%FILENAME%$\|^%PACKAGER%$/{N;s/\n/ /;p;d;}'
done | \
sed '/^%FILENAME% /{N;/\n%PACKAGER% Unknown Packager$/!d;s/\n.*//;s/^%FILENAME% //;}'

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