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    Andreas Baumann
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Attached to Project: Arch Linux 32
Opened by bill-auger - 20.03.2022
Last edited by Andreas Baumann - 10.04.2022

FS#244 - unable to satisfy dependency 'libx264.so=163-32' required by ffmpeg

# pacman -Sy ffmpeg
:: Synchronizing package databases… core is up to date
extra is up to date
community is up to date
resolving dependencies… warning: cannot resolve “libx264.so=163-32”, a dependency of “ffmpeg” :: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:

Closed by  Andreas Baumann
10.04.2022 08:46
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  

for pentium4, luajit issues on i686/i486 go into another bug.

bill-auger commented on 20.03.2022 20:31

sry, forgot to specify 'i686'

Andreas Baumann commented on 21.03.2022 06:51
Andreas Baumann commented on 24.03.2022 10:27

fixed on i686 and pentium4, in stable and testing.

Andreas Baumann commented on 25.03.2022 11:47

so, mpd, mpv, mplayer, mencoder, and some more have to be rebuild..

bill-auger commented on 25.03.2022 13:18

im not quite sure why, but from parabola's perspective, mpv is ok, as it is

although mpv strictly depends on ffmpeg, and ffmpeg4.4 does not provide ffmpeg, the mpv's sodeps pulled in ffmpeg4.4 and it works as expected

$ mpv –version
mpv 0.34.1-dirty Copyright © 2000-2021 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
built on UNKNOWN
FFmpeg library versions:

 libavutil       56.70.100
 libavcodec      58.134.100
 libavformat     58.76.100
 libswscale      5.9.100
 libavfilter     7.110.100
 libswresample   3.9.100

FFmpeg version: n4.4.1

$ pacman -Si mpv | grep Depends
Depends On : alsa-lib libasound.so=2-32 desktop-file-utils ffmpeg libavcodec.so=58-32 libavdevice.so=58-32 libavfilter.so=7-32 libavformat.so=58-32 libavutil.so=56-32 libswresample.so=3-32 libswscale.so=5-32 glibc hicolor-icon-theme jack libjack.so=0-32 lcms2 liblcms2.so=2-32 libarchive libarchive.so=13-32 libass libass.so=9-32 libbluray libbluray.so=2-32 libcdio libcdio-paranoia libdrm libdvdnav libdvdread libegl libgl libglvnd libjpeg libjpeg.so=8-32 libplacebo libplacebo.so=192-32 libpulse libpulse.so=0-32 libva libva.so=2-32 libva-drm.so=2-32 libva-wayland.so=2-32 libva-x11.so=2-32 libvdpau libx11 libxext libxinerama libxkbcommon libxkbcommon.so=0-32 libxrandr libxss libxv luajit mesa mujs rubberband librubberband.so=2-32 shaderc libshaderc_shared.so=1-32 uchardet vulkan-icd-loader wayland xdg-utils zlib

$ pacman -Si ffmpeg4.4 | grep Provides
Provides : libavcodec.so=58-32 libavdevice.so=58-32 libavfilter.so=7-32 libavformat.so=58-32 libavutil.so=56-32 libpostproc.so=55-32 libswresample.so=3-32 libswscale.so=5-32

bill-auger commented on 25.03.2022 13:21

ok sry - i took me 5 additional seconds to become un-confused - ffmpeg was already installed, that is why it was satisfied for mpv (though mpv does not actually use it)

bill-auger commented on 25.03.2022 16:57

mpv should probably be rebuilt after-all - someone reported that pacman -Syu will fail, if mpv is already installed - it will not pull in ffmpeg4.4 automatically

Andreas Baumann commented on 01.04.2022 11:18

I have no such problems installing mpv on pentium4/stable, i686/stable
or i486/stable.

I had only one issue with mpv (at least on i486 and i686) on real hardware:

illegal instruction

(which should most likely get into it's own bug report, I pinpointed it
to luajit)


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