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From the discusison in:

Well the problem is that the mangling produced by g++ is _Z7_moduloee but the mangling produced with ldc 1.13.0 on my environment is _Z7_moduloeS_ .
The first is a valid mangling according to some online demanglers but the last one isn't.
I then tried to compile evalu8 [1] with ldc 1.11.0 and dmd 2.081.2 and they both produced the correct name mangling.

The mangling is done by LDC itself, not LLVM, and so it is a bug in LDC. In this particular case, the second argument of _modulo is the same as the first and the mangler is (incorrectly) replacing the type of the second with a backreference to the first type. That's what the mangler should do for user types, but not for builtin types.

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